Here is what we are all about:

We have respect for individuals, sustainability, and the environment

At Canada Clean Fuels, we understand actions speak louder than words. Based on our tireless work ethic, dedication to customer and employee care, we possess and demonstrate the greatest degree of respect for the environment, our staff and each client’s individual fuel needs. Going above and beyond our environmental responsibilities, we consistently follow all legislated environmental requirements to the letter. The quality, safety and environmental standards we follow exceed many legislated requirements, making Canada Clean Fuels one of very few companies permitted to execute high-risk and specialized fueling situations. Our valued team of employees is our top priority and we treat each individual with as much respect as each client we are privileged to work with. Of course, when it comes to respecting our clients, our priority is to deliver. That’s why we operate a modern and rigorously maintained fleet of trucks and equipment. We manage on-site petrol tanks, extensive fuel resources, over 100 delivery trucks and 10 fuel trucks on reserve, to meet all of your fuel needs. We ensure that all of our equipment and each and every piece of machinery is in excellent working condition. All of this put together, ensures your fuel needs are always met with confidence – 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, on weekends and holidays.

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Health and Safety is our top priority

The transportation, delivery and handling of fuel products have health, safety and environmental risks. Canada Clean Fuels has developed comprehensive programs and emergency response procedures to help mitigate these risks. Using our professional delivery services, direct to equipment fueling will protect your employees from exposure to harmful substances and protect you from liability associated with unnecessary accidents. Health and safety is our top priority and we never take it lightly. At Canada Clean Fuels, we put safety first, 24/7. We follow strict national safety standards and operate with reliability and professionalism. Our health and safety department are informed and up to date with all legislative changes and requirements. They ensure our staff are informed and equipped on all mandated health and safety training. Our processes are thorough, and we take our time to protect each and every employee, from management to our certified refueling experts, with certification in H2S, first aid, CSTS, TDG, WHMIS, and CPPI. While consistently meeting the highest, most rigorous health and safety standards and practices, we also operate the safest fleet of fuel transport vehicles. Our drivers complete a rigorous hiring and training process and are provided with the most thorough training programs. We are ISNetworld compliant and committed to Goal Zero for environmental spills and workplace injuries.

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Excellence in customer service is what sets us apart

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Customer service, quality products, environmental and human safety and dependability. We focus our energies on all the fine details and processes involved in each function we carry out. This allows us to provide your operation with efficiency, and service of the highest caliber. If your business depends on fuel, we have organized our business accordingly to ensure that your needs are met every day, night, weekend and holiday. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our local, live dispatch and customer care team is available 24/7 to answer your call, assess your situation and then provide all the support to keep your business moving whenever, wherever the need arises.

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We have the boldness to do what’s right. It’s who we are.

It takes courage for a company to be environmentally responsible, professional, put safety first, thorough and committed to the highest of standards. We strive to be the best at what we do so we invest in a top drawer, well trained team of professionals and the most advanced technology, rigorously maintained fleet, equipment and infrastructure. We want to be your first choice in fuel supply, delivery and management. As a company, each member of our team is continuously growing, learning and achieving to serve you better. Each day we push the envelope to be more and more innovative, efficient and effective at the job we do. We operate to the highest standards possible—it has always been our philosophy and approach, and that takes courage.

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We are one team of dedicated and trustworthy professionals

Our staff is everything. They make it all happen, collectively. At Canada Clean Fuels, we work cohesively and constructively as one team. We are organized, efficient and connected. Our staff of professionals operate like a well-oiled machine. Together and with comradery and harmony, we manage a great deal of infrastructure, including the following, on-site petrol tanks, fuel resources, a large team of skilled and well-trained drivers, and over 100 delivery trucks working to fulfil your fuel needs 24/7. Our facility provides on-site mechanics and other professionals to ensure all required internal processes are fulfilled. And we always have at least 10 fuel trucks on reserve, ready for when you might need a fuel delivery. All of these added equipment safety and security features coupled with people-power are essential investments that maintain the flow of fuel, so you never have to worry. We go this extra mile to guarantee you get your fuel needs met in the best, most efficient way possible. We are proud to be working with a growing team of nearly 150 valued employees who together make Canada Clean Fuels run smoothly, often surpassing our clients’ expectations.

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Our highly driven individuals are what fuels our business​

We are proud to offer the opportunity for individuals to embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career in the energy sector. At Canada Clean Fuels each employee is valued and respected and works together in a diverse operation with many moving parts. Our human resources team provides support and direction to change management while defining and delivering a wide range of team development programs. The promotion of diversity and inclusiveness throughout our company is a major priority and is highly valued as it contributes significantly to our success and capabilities. While learning the processes and systems of our business, our staff members benefit from ongoing, on-the-job training, as well as the opportunity to collaborate and work as a team with a diverse group of skilled professionals. Our team members are innovative thinkers with a technological edge, and they manage complex, time sensitive issues with care. Our team is growing in size, skill level and technological capability. We are proud and privileged to work with such a dynamic team each and every day.

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Clean, it’s in our name!​

We operate a modern and rigorously maintained fleet of trucks and equipment. We manage on-site petrol tanks, extensive fuel resources, over 100 delivery trucks and 10 fuel trucks on reserve, to meet all of your fuel needs. We ensure that all of our equipment and each and every piece of machinery is not only in excellent working condition, but also sparkling clean, inside and out. These aspects of our work are part of our overall aim to provide excellence—to go above and beyond typical safety standards and requirements, in order to serve you even better. We are also Canada’s largest distributor of clean and renewable biodiesel. We can customize any biodiesel blend for your business’ optimal efficiency. And we do so with proven experience; we are and continue to be an innovative and industry visionary. We were one of the first companies to bring biodiesel into Canada, beginning with a pilot project we ran with Toronto Hydro in 2002. We also developed technological programs that define and separate us from other companies. All fuel pumped is instantly logged, itemized and updated per customer, per truck, onto our Online Fuel Management System. It is there that you can log on and see where every drop of your fuel going, and you can use the data to analyze your operation’s fuel usage to maximize efficiencies and increase your bottom line.

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